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FOINFRA and Infrastructure Directorate of the Ministry of Economic Development of the State Government, whose main activity and targets is the development of industrial infrastructure in Sinaloa. For his achievement has two programs:

1 .- The State System of Industrial Parks .- There are 3 industrial parks, strategically located, that meet national and international standards. Which are formed by partially urbanized land and all the services ranging from 3,000 to 20,000 m², or larger areas depending on the type of project.

2 .- Construction of Warehouses inventory .- This program is conducted in strategic partnership with expert companies in the industry. It has its own design and executive project for the construction of industrial buildings modular, which allows surfaces deploy from 1.500 to 10.000 m². In case of a larger area is carried out an assessment to see the technical and financial feasibility to help you and adapt to the needs of the investor.

Industrial parks and industrial buildings comply with the standard Mexican industrial parks NMX-R-046-2005.


"Improving the economy of Sinaloa to the promotion of investments, to maximize our human and industrial potential."


Promote regional economic development.

Promoting quality infrastructure modernization.

Increasing the supply of consumer goods.

Creation of permanent employment.

Raising the living standards of the community.

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