Costa Rica Industrial Park is 100% urbanized. It has a surface area of 10 hectares in its first phase and is noted for its proximity to the city of Culiacán, which lends the park a great logistic importance. It has a cross-shaped road network which connects each of its 12 industrial plots, plus one for administration, commercial use and services. The twelve plots are designed for:

8 medium industry plots
• 4 heavy industry plots

Plots are grouped into a single block with paved streets that contribute to the park’s urban image and ecological preservation through the use of park areas.

Costa Rica Industrial Park is geared towards general non-pollutive industry with low water consumption and will act as a magnet to attract and promote the industrialization of Culiacán and the State of Sinaloa, as well as offer an alternative industrial location.


High return on investment due to our strategic location.

Compliance with Mexican Standards for Industrial Parks.

Completely private industrial companies welcome.

Access to communication and transport networks to the northwest of the country.

Regulations to guarantee harmony among users.

Cuenta con un Reglamento que garantiza la armonía entre los usuarios.

Cuenta con electricidad, telefonía, voz y datos subterránea.


The park regulations are designed to bring order to the use and development of land, and to protect the interests of industrialists established in the park. For this reason, strict observance of the regulations is expected from all individuals and companies, land owners, tenants, project designers, contractors and visitors.

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