Sinaloa offers investors the opportunity of a productive, logistical and human platform for business in the food processing, manufacturing, tourism and information technology sectors.

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Sinaloa offers businessmen 3 strategic points for investment:


The design of each park, as well as its location, enables our clients to solve their need for space, communication and human capital.

Our modern, efficient, attractive and competitive parks offer the possibility of an economy of agglomeration, operating in spaces that have been specially designed for industrial settlement, with the very best locations, infrastructure and services.

Their urban image contributes to ecological preservation through the use of park areas.

They are urban-industrial-ecological developments designed using advanced urban industrial concepts in harmony with cutting edge architecture, all balanced with the surrounding environment.


A strategic site for regional production is attractive for large multinationals.

Years of experience in the use of similar concepts around the world have afforded maximum profits to manufacturers and facilitated the development of the regional economy.

There is a possibility of existing industrial installations relocating outside the city limits in response to government environmental controls.

Reducing the deficit of industrial space in the city.

Good transport links and proximity to sales markets.

Culiacán and Mazatlán are a good source of labor in the northwest of Mexico.

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